Irish scientist discover new organ, “Mesentery” in human body, included in Gray’s Anatomy

University of Limerick Prof Calvin Coffey showcasing new organ Mesentery (Image courtesy

North Gazette News/London
Opening up a whole new area of science, an Irish scientist has discovered new organ termed as Mesentery in human body that is located in intestine.

As per reports, University of Limerick Professor J Calvin Coffey has made the discovery and his study has been published in The Lancet medical journal.

Coffey said that the newly identified organ in human body Mesentery connects intestine to abdomen. It was earlier considered as fragmented structure made up of separate parts but now it has been found as one continuous organ.

Though Coffey couldn’t explain the newly found organ’s function but it has opened a whole new area of science which needs to be studied.

This discovery could also lead to categorisation of abdominal diseases in relation to this organ. Once the scientist identifies its function, it can lead to abnormalities in its functioning and its role in abdominal diseases.

Now medical students and scientist would be taught that Mesentery is distinct organ and future researches would focus on its role in intestinal problems.

The new organ is being described as double fold of peritoneum – lining of abdominal cavity that holds intestine to the wall of abdomen.

The new term has also been included in world’s famous medical textbook, Gray’s Anatomy and it has been reportedly updated to include the term.

Media reports claimed that Italian Polimath Leonardo Da Vinci has described the organ in 1508 but it has been ignored by all till the discovery of Irish Scientist.

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