Virbhadra playing politics of region and religion : Himachal BJP

North Gazette News/ Shimla

Himachal Bharatiya Janata Party has accused Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh for working for the development of upper region of Himachal Pradesh and blamed for playing the politics of region and religion.

State BJP Chief Satpal Singh Satti said during the present government, Singh favoured officials from a particular region and ignored efficient and eligible ones. These were even harassed and they weren’t allowed to contribute towards the development of the state.

“Singh’s allegation that BJP hadn’t worked for the development of Shimla was a mere lie as whenever the party was in power in the state, development activities took place in all regions equally,” he said.

Satti said former BJP Chief Ministers were known for their development works as Shanta Kumar was known for providing potable water to all and Dhumal for improving road infrastructure. While Singh is known as corrupt CM by one and all, he said, adding he had got the distinction of being the only CM in the country who is out on bail.

Under the Congress rule, the roads are in bad shape and there is no region in the state where the road infrastructure is upto the mark.

“This laxity has resulted in 2096 in 2016 in which 780 persons were killed while 3919 persons suffered injuries,” he said.

Satti surged the people of the state to vote for BJP whose only agenda is the development of HP and not for Congress whose corrupt practices had shamed the state at national level.


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