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  1. rohit sharma says:

    all the promises made by the dhumal govt regarding improvent in health services seems to be a big lie when a common man visits i.g.m.c turns to be a nightmare for village folks who have run from pillar to post to get services.attendants rue that due to shortage of medical as well as paramedical staff adds to their woes.long ques of waiting patients at registration and fee counters make people resentful.many deptt like urology,nerosurgery,cardiology,nephrology are devoid of manpower due to irrational polices of the govt of not allowing g.d.o  doctors to join these deptt causing loss of many precious lives.a detailed inquiry suggests that policy makers are not interested in filling these posts despite many candidates are willing to work in the institution.shifting of lady reading hospital to the main i.g.m.c complex shows insenstiveness of govt towards the sick and case of emergency pts as well as doctors are ferried to one institution to another leading to loss of time and resourses ,putting life of mother and child as risk.attenendants can be seen running from wards to medical college carring blood and other specimens which is a quite tiresome and bothering.adminstration has no arrangement for dropping samples and collecting repots.confusion and rush can be seen at blood and report collection visit i.g.m.c and get treatment for the near and dear ones turns in painful ordeal for common people

  2. rohit sharma says:

    the admistration and politicians have tuned a blind e
    ye towards parking woes of sick and people visitng i.g.m.c from all over the state.there is no help from the goverment to fecilitate patients as traffic jams cause inconvinence to them causing loss of precious time in case of emergency.there is not ample space for the motorist leading to inconvinence forcing people to park their vehicles on cart road causing bottlenecks on highway.the govt should provide people with parking space by constucting parking lots within permises or along cart road and providing lifts or ropeway to reach hospital permises. 

  3. rohit sharma says:

    a visit from shimla to tourist place like kufri or futhur towards rohru shows real face of  tall claims made by the govt to provide people with good infrastructure.roads are lifeline to progress and prosperity.a like himachal state which claims itself as one of best tourism  destination good roads are preresiquite to attract and develope tourism.but potholes and bumpy roads welcome tourist leaving bad taste in mouth.nothing concrete can be seen as all the tourist points like mashobra,kufri,naldehra ,tattapani lack basic civil ameneties.kufri  a well known places has turned into a filthy place air filled with stink of mule dung.there is need to regulate the mule riding bussiness as it is creating not only as it is not only creating  pollution but also  causing ecological damage.

  4. Rohit Sharma says:

    Recent goverment orders regarding deputing specialist and supper specialities doctors from I.G.M.C to the constituency of Mr. Narender bragta,health minister shows myopic vision of the government and the authorities.This decision has been taken eyeing  the forth coming vidhan sabha elections and electoral politics,caring least about fruitfulness of these measures.Deputing superspecialist doctors to the institutions where basic  infrastructure is lacking doesnt solve any purpose,its just an eyewash rues some doctors on condition of anonymity.The govt must reconsider its decision as it will lead to waste of manpower and resources, 

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