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Dalai Lama announces to hold 34th Kalachakra in January 2017

North Gazette News/Dharamshala
Tibetan spiritual guru Dalai Lama announced on the second day of the Sixteen Drops of Kadam Empowerment at Bylakuppe that the 34th Kalachakra initiation would be held in January 2017.

“Those of you who’ve come from abroad, tomorrow’s the start of 2016 – a Happy New Year to you all

Total Moon eclipse on April 4, to be visible across India for short duration

North Gazette News/New Delhi
A total Moon eclipse would occur on Saturday i.e. April 4, 2015 from 03.45 pm to 7.15 pm (Indian Standard Time) that would be visible across India. But the total moon eclipse would be visible for short duration in India.

A spokesperson of Indian government on Thursday said that the Eclipse would be visible in eastern Asia

##Turn misfortune into fortune by pleasing god ‘Sun’ on Makar Skranti (January 15): Here are tips

North Gazette News/ Delhi
##It is the god ‘Sun’ who shapes the future of everyone on this earth. By pleasing the god ‘Sun’ you can turn your misfortune into fortune. And it is January 15 (Makar Skranti) the right day to do this.

This holy day has come after 83 years and will come again after a long period of 35 years. According to Hindu mythology this auspicious day is celebrated to worship god ‘Sun’.