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Value crisis—Indian context

By Dr. Lal Chand Patyal (Editor-in-Chief)
Values sustain any society, nation or civilization. History of mankind is testimony to the fact that universal values like faith, love, hope, tolerance, creativity, coexistence, humanity etc make any system– social, political, ecological and cosmic–

Punjab Haryana… Golden Jubilee

By DR. LAL CHAND PATYAL. (Editor-in- Chief)

Today, on 1st Nov.2016,Punjab and Haryana are celebrating the 50 years of their existence at Amritsar and Gurugram respectively.They were carved out of the part of erstwhile undivided Punjab Province that became the part of India after Partition in 1947. As the best fertile land remained within Pakistan, The Indian counter part struggled hard to keep the culture, values and legacies of that Punjab sustaining and vibrant and by 1966,Punjab became the leading State of India known for agriculture,openheartedness,bravery and commitment.On Nov.1,1966 Haryana was created out of Punjab.